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All tickets are sold subject to Terms and Conditions.

By signing the Visitor Book you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of Kenrose Park. All riders under 18 must be signed for by an adult guardian or parent.

1.1 I will abide by the Rules of Kenrose Park at all times when present at the Kenrose Park venue.
1.2 It is my ongoing obligation to familiarise myself with any amendments or changes to the Rules of Kenrose Park and condition of entry.
1.3 If requested to do so, I will leave the Kenrose Park venue immediately, whether or not I consider such request is reasonable.
1.4 Kenrose Park may prohibit me from using a kart whether or not I consider such prohibition is reasonable.
1.5 I will follow the directions of Kenrose Park at all times.
1.6 I will notify Kenrose Park staff if I am injured or if I observe another participant being injured.
1.7 I permit Kenrose Park to take and make commercial use of any photos of me at the Kenrose Park venue free of charge and without any royalty or other fee.
1.8 I acknowledge that Kenrose Park may require any person engaging in unacceptable behaviour to leave the Kenrose Park venue.
1.9 I accept responsibility for, and will pay for and/or compensate Kenrose Park for, any damages which I, or my employees, visitors, invitees, agents and licences, cause to the Kenrose Park venue, Kenrose Park facilities or any other kart on the track.
1.10 I do not suffer from an illness or mental or physical condition which would place me at risk when using Kenrose Park facilities.
1.11 I do not rely on the skill and judgement of Kenrose Park in the management and/or supervision of the Kenrose Park venue.
1.12 I acknowledge that by signing The Visitors Book authorises me the use of Kenrose Park facilities and I will not allow any unauthorised person to use the Kenrose Park facilities, including the karts.
1.13 I release, discharge, waive and forever holds harmless Kenrose Park for All Claims for Any Loss sustained by me whether caused by Kenrose Park's negligence act or wilful act or omission, breach of contract, breach of statutory duty or otherwise in connection with Kenrose Park venue.
1.14 I indemnify Kenrose Park against All Claims for Any Loss sustained by me whether caused by Kenrose Park's negligent act or wilful act or mission, breach of contract, breach of statutory duty or otherwise in connection with the Kenrose Park venue.
1.15 I agree that The Visitors Book may be pleaded as a bar to any action, suit or proceedings taken at any time by me against Kenrose Park arising out of or as a consequence of my use of the Kenrose Park venue or Kenrose Park facilities or any incidental activities.
1.16 In this Deed unless inconsistent with the context or subject matter: "All Claims" means all claims, actions, suits, demands, damages, interest and cost against Kenrose Park arising out of or as a consequence of the Participant's use of the Kenrose Park facilities, including any incidental activity; "Any Loss" means any loss, damage, injury or death occasioned to a person (including the Participant) or property whatsoever and howsoever caused including without limitation negligence, accident or by another participant. "Kenrose Park" means Kenrose Park Nominees Pty Ltd ABN 51 069 610 153 trading as Kenrose Park and includes its directors, employees, agents and sub-contractors. "Kenrose Park venue" means 535 Yeppoon Road, North Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

All riders must complete The Visitors Book before purchasing tickets to race.

All riders must wear enclosed footwear. Some hire shoes of limited sizes are available at the counter. Appropriate clothing is recommended. For safety and comfort Kenrose Park requires that you wear enclosed footwear, no thongs, sandals, "crock's" or high heels are permitted on the track. Shoe hire is available from the office @ $5 a pair.

Hair nets must be worn by all drivers. Hair nets are provided free of charge.

All hair longer than shoulder length must be secured first by a hair band and then a hair net.

Long flowing skirts, dresses and head wear are unacceptable attire.

A kart session is 12 minutes in duration. Pit lane will be closed during each session.

The operation of the track and karts may differ to publicized times due to: weather, maintenance schedules, safety inspections or other reasons. Riders, please note that during extremely busy periods some delays will occur.

Restrictions such as height, weight and/or physical ability apply. Children under the age of 18 years require written authorization from their legal guardian to make use of the hire facilities. The minimum age requirement for the use of the hire facilities is 5 years.
The minimum height requirement for Rookie karts is 135cm.
The minimum height requirement for Fast karts is 145cm.

You accept the risks of taking part in the activities and should make your own assessment of those risks before participating. You must obey all safety signs.

Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances. Ride replacement vouchers may be offered in the case of inclement weather at the discretion of management.

No tickets will be replaced if they are lost.

Because of the extreme forces and excitement created by go-karting, riders should be in good health and free from any physical limitations or medical conditions, including but not limited to neck weakness, back weakness, recent surgery, broken or fractured bones, or if you have plaster casts, slings or bandages, heart conditions, nervous disorders, motion sickness and epilepsy. Management recommends that pregnant women should not ride the karts. It is the responsibility of the supervising carer or guardian of anyone of diminished intellectual or physical capacity to notify Kenrose Park in writing of that diminished capacity. For safety reasons, people with diminished capacity will not be permitted to participate in any Kenrose Park race events. Kart racing can be dangerous and serious injury may occur. Other riders may be of limited skill and ability. All riders must accept the risks associated with racing in mixed groups and must obey all instructions from track marshals.

As a safety precaution, Kenrose Park has a "NO GLASS" policy. When you enter the complex you must hand in to Kenrose Park any glass containers in your possession. Those containers will be returned to you at your request when you exit the complex. Containers which are not collected within seven (7) days will be treated as abandoned and Kenrose Park has the right to dispose of them.

All riders must observe the marshals' instructions and behave in a sensible and proper manner whilst on and off the kart track. A minimum distance of 2 meters must be maintained at all times between karts on the track. In the case of two karts colliding, the following kart will generally be deemed to be the guilty party and held liable for any damage to the kart or track. Drivers displaying dangerous behavior will be removed from the track and banned for any length of time.

No foul language or abusive behavior will be tolerated. Offenders may be asked to leave. Management reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or whose behavior is considered unacceptable. All riders must have a zero blood alcohol reading.

Slip on a shirt, slop on sun screen, and slap on a hat. This is good advice for all visitors to the park. Management also suggests that you drink lots of water whilst enjoying your day at Kenrose Park.


  • Full payment is required to secure a private function / underage rampage / school bookings / rookie kart party packs upon confirmation of a date and time.
  • Cheques will not be accepted. Cash, money orders and credit card only.
  • Arrangements for the race event including number of drivers, trophies and catering, all need to be finalized, confirmed in writing and all outstanding monies paid 7 days prior to the event date.
  • Once an event is scheduled and a prepayment made, there will be no refunds given, however should it be necessary to reschedule, Kenrose Park will make every effort to assist the client with an alternative date and time provided the request is made 14 days prior to the event. All events are booked for an agreed number of drivers and decreases in that number can not be accommodated within 7 days prior to the event.
  • That is, no refund will be given for any decreases in the number of drivers or other alterations as per the invoice.
  • No refund will be given should you cancel within 7 days prior to the event. In such an event the client accepts that all prepayment will be forfeited.
  • Please make sure that all drivers arrive at Kenrose Park 30 minutes prior to your event. Late arrivals which impact on the late running of your event will result in your event being shortened without refund.


  • Any event rescheduled by the client less than 7 days prior to the event, will incur a 100% loss of event prepayment.
  • In the event of inclement weather, it is at the discretion of Kenrose Park management to continue or abort the race event / party. Drivers will be permitted to continue if the precipitation is light and intermittent but where constant rain falls, a decision to abort the event will be made by Kenrose Park management. If the decision is to halt racing for the day, the event will be rescheduled to a date that is convenient for the client and should the race have already started prior to rain falling and then aborted, the rescheduled event will resume from that point.
  • No Refunds will be issued due to rainouts.
  • All rescheduled events must be completed within 6 months of the original event date. Event payment will be forfeited after that date.
  • Please note that all prices are subject to change and are supplied as a guide only at this time.
  • As a safety precaution, Kenrose Park has a "NO GLASS" policy. As a result, all glass vessels will be withheld by Kenrose Park and returned to you upon your exit of the complex.
  • Kenrose Park has a zero tolerance of alcohol prior to and during karting.

Management reserves the right to terminate any driver's karting should it be determined that alcohol has been consumed under these circumstances. No refunds.