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At Kenrose Park SAFETY and FUN is first and foremost, so here are some simple rules to ensure everyone has fun in a safe manner.

  • No contact between karts. All karts must be kept 2 metres apart
  • No power sliding
  • No smoking while driving
  • Do not get out of your kart until told to do so by a track official.
  • Drive at walking pace when entering and exiting pit lane
  • Everyone shall wear a hair net for hygiene purposes
  • Make sure you helmet is secure.
  • When entering and exiting the karts stand only on the seat floor pan (not on cables or tie rods)
Most important: Follow staff directions at all times.

If you're a first time driver, we ask that you drive your first two laps at a reduced speed; this will help assist you in learning the circuit and overtaking areas.

Kenrose Park staff will use signs to communicate with you, such as:

  • Drive Smoothly - do not slide car or drive recklessly.
  • Slow Down - reduce your speed.
  • No Contact - do not collide with other vehicles.
  • One Pedal Only - do not use the accelerator and brake at the same time.

Traffic Warning System

Our track is fitted with traffic status lights throughout the entire track. These warning lights control the race conditions and they must be adhered to at all times.

GREEN LIGHT normal race conditions.
AMBER LIGHT accident or incident ahead, SLOW DOWN to walking pace.
RED LIGHT race over, return to pits and stay in vehicle until told it's safe to exit.

Please note: Kenrose Park reserves the right to speed limit any go kart should it be deemed necessary by the Track Marshall, so as to maintain safe driving conditions for all participants. (No refunds will be offered)